"There are no shortcuts to any place worth going"

Beverly Sills

Birgli helps lead the way

We support companies, consulting firms, and investors covering manufacturing, distribution, retail & 3rd party services in the healthcare sector

  • Birgli adds value to companies providing services to healthcare related businesses and/or patients.
  • With extensive experience as clients we’ve practiced what we preach when we consult.
  • From strategy, to supply chain, to branding, to IP we know that no ”one size fits all”
  • Ultimately, we offer holistic and practical solutions.

Market Focussed

Whether you are in pharma, biotech, OTC, pharmaceutical wholesale & distribution, pharmacy retail, IT, consumer health, or commodities.  We cover your value-chain ex-factory onwards.

We only focus on the industries and functional areas that we know and where we have developed our expertise and knowledge.


Senior Management Experience

Our members have been board members, CEOs, CFOs, COOs, managing directors/general managers, regional directors, logistics directors, warehouse managers, industrial relations specialists, commercial directors, marketing directors, and purchasing directors to name a few.

Each of our independent associated directors (or members) have in excess of 15 years industry experience.  We bring direct experience to consulting and therefore real-life solutions


Swiss Origins,
Global Expertise

Birgli has successfully delivered projects in 25 countries.

Bringing you senior management experience from the Americas, Asia, Western & Eastern Europe, as well as the CIS.

With well established networks, Birgli understands how to do business internationally together with necessary cultural sensitivities.

Birgli provides practical solutions to complex problems