Senior Management Expertise

Senior Management Expertise

Experience means we can do more than most

Our members have been board members, CEOs, CFOs, COOs, managing directors/general managers, regional directors, logistics directors, warehouse managers, industrial relations specialists, commercial directors, marketing directors, and purchasing directors to name a few.

Each of our independent associated directors (or members) have in excess of 15 years industry experience. 

We bring direct experience to consulting and therefore real-life solutions.

Charles Gloor, Founder

Charles is a truly global NED, senior executive, and management consultant with experience across Europe, South East Asia, and the United States. With over 25 years experience, Charles has successfully started-up and led multinational subsidiaries and divisions of leading multinational pharmaceutical wholesalers, distributors, and retailers in Western & Eastern Europe, as well as South East Asia.

He founded birgli in 2006, in Switzerland initially before moving the company to the UK in 2021. Charles has successfully led projects for birgli from business strategy & development, M&A to FMD, supply chain to warehouse development, as well as a number of interim management and board roles

He’s currently a NED for Mantara Health Ltd and until recently, eXroid Technologies.  

  • Mantara is a start-up in personalised medicine tailored to one’s DNA using pharmacogenomic (PGx) & AI driven solutions. Charles is working closely with the CEO and his team providing a sounding board and experience based support.

He was previously the business Trustee for the British Pharmacological Society and a member of the board of directors of BPS Assessment Ltd, a start-up in on-line prescribing safety assessments.  Nominated by the EBRD, he completed 3 years as non-executive member of the board of Monos, the largest pharmaceutical wholesaler, retailer, and manufacturer in Mongolia.

His corporate experience includes having been Managing Director of Alphega Pharmacy, a business unit of Alliance Healthcare / Alliance Boots, where  he led a network of 7 subsidiaries throughout Europe and Russia with over 5’000 independent member community pharmacies.

Prior to founding birgli in February 2006, Charles started and established AVS Health for Celesio (now Manufacturer Solutions) providing distribution and marketing services to nearly 400 healthcare companies through 10 subsidiaries in 8 countries throughout Europe.

And before this he established Zuellig Pharma as Vietnam’s largest foreign distributor and marketing/agency service provider of pharmaceutical & healthcare products.

Birgli has 5 key target customers where our deep experience can best be leveraged

Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Medical Devices

And general Healthcare Manufacturers
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Pharmaceutical Wholesalers, Distributors and Retailers

3rd Party Logistics Providers and their healthcare verticals

Strategic & Financial Investors

in the preceding verticals
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Consulting Groups & Associations

focussing on the preceding verticals
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